Experiencing the world early in life

I have been Blessed to travel to 16 countries in this world and experience a small taste of those countries. From the Swiss Alps and it’s snow capped mountains and ice caves to the beautiful waterfalls in the Milford Sound Fjords in New Zealand. Experiencing different foods, drinks, monuments and entertainment.

The one thing I found out during my adventures, yes adventures, is that to really experience the cities and get the most out of the experience is it takes much energy. Everywhere I have gone I did a lot of walking, climbing steps, standing in lines and walking up hills.

On my first European trip I went with Dee’s International Travel & Tours was a cruise that began in Barcelona, Spain. The trip included two days at the luxurious Grand marina Hotel and a Barcelona city tour. The tour traveled through the city viewing all of it’s architectural greatness, La Sagrada Familia, monuments, parks and gardens. One park that was visited was Gaudi Park. Gaudi Park is very beautiful with different types of statues and art. To experience the very essence of the park it requires much walking.

Dee’s International travel & Tours managed to take 156 guest on this trip, 65% percent of the guest were over 65 and 85% percent of the over 65 group could not experience all that the park had to offer. I noticed the same thing in all of the trips where we traveled out of the North American Continent.

It was then that I believed that was important to express to all I know to not wait until you retire to see the world because if you do you may not have the strength and endurance you need to for the full experience.


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